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Here you can find the graphs, tables and data from ICES fish stock assessments as presented in published advice. You can:
   a) search for graphs, tables and data by stock in the table below (click on the link in the left hand column);
   b) download data for the selection of stocks by year and/or area, species here

FishStockStock DescriptionSpeciesEco RegionAssessment YearAssessment Key
bll-2232 Brill (Scophthalmus rhombus) in Subdivisions 22–32 (Baltic Sea)Scophthalmus rhombusBaltic Sea20167306
cod-2224 Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subdivisions 22–24 (Western Baltic Sea)Gadus morhuaBaltic Sea20167341
cod-2532 Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subdivisions 25–32 (Eastern Baltic Sea)Gadus morhuaBaltic Sea20167698
cod-arct Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subareas I and II (Northeast Arctic)Gadus morhuaBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167648
dab-2232 Dab in Subdivisions 22 - 32 (Baltic Sea)Limanda limandaBaltic Sea20167567
fle-2223 Flounder in Subdivisions 22 and 23 (Belts and Sound)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167569
fle-2425 Flounder in Subdivisions 24 - 25 (Southern Baltic Sea)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167263
fle-2628 Flounder in Subdivisions 26 and 28 (Eastern Gotland and Gulf of Gdansk)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167574
fle-2732 Flounder in Subdivisions 27 and 29 to 32 (Northern Baltic Sea)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167291
had-arct Haddock in Subareas I and II (Northeast Arctic)Melanogrammus aeglefinusBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167360
her-2532-gor Herring in Subdivisions 25 - 29 (excluding Gulf of Riga) and 32 Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167325
her-30 Herring in Subdivision 30 (Bothnian Sea)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167342
Her-31 Herring in Subdivision 31 (Bothnian Bay)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167314
her-3a22 Herring in Division IIIa and Subdivisions 22 - 24 (Western Baltic spring spawners)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167116
her-47d3 Herring in Subarea IV and Divisions IIIa and VIId (North Sea autumn spawners) Clupea harengusNorth Sea20167689
her-riga Herring in Subdivision 28.1 (Gulf of Riga)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167318
ple-2123 Plaice in Subdivisions 21, 22, and 23 (Kattegat, Belts, and Sound)Pleuronectes platessaBaltic Sea20167337
ple-eche Plaice in Division VIId (Eastern Channel)Pleuronectes platessaNorth Sea20167729
sai-arct Saithe in Subareas I and II (Northeast Arctic)Pollachius virensBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167353
san-ns1 Sandeel in the Dogger Bank area (SA 1)AmmodytesNorth Sea20167029
san-ns2 Sandeel in the South Eastern North Sea (SA 2)AmmodytesNorth Sea20167030
san-ns3 Sandeel in the Central Eastern North Sea (SA 3)AmmodytesNorth Sea20167039
smr-arct Golden Redfish (Sebastes norvegicus) in Subareas I and IISebastes norvegicusBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167368
spr-2232 Sprat in Subdivisions 22 - 32 (Baltic Sea)Sprattus sprattusBaltic Sea20167329
tur-2232 Turbot in Subdivisions 22 - 32 (Baltic Sea)Psetta maxima (historic name)Baltic Sea20167277