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Here you can find the graphs, tables and data from ICES fish stock assessments as presented in published advice. You can:
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FishStockStock DescriptionSpeciesEco RegionAssessment YearAssessment Key
alf-comb Alfonsinos/Golden eye perch (Beryx spp.) in the Northeast AtlanticBeryxWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167607
anb-78ab Black-bellied anglerfish (Lophius budegassa) in Divisions VIIb–k and VIIIa,b,d (West and Southwest of Ireland, Bay of Biscay)Lophius budegassaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167752
anb-8c9a Black-bellied anglerfish (Lophius budegassa) in Divisions VIIIc and IXa (Cantabrian Sea, Atlanic Iberian Waters)Lophius budegassaBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167779
ane-pore Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) in Division IXa (Atlantic Iberian Waters)Engraulis encrasicolusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167900
anp-78ab White anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius) in Divisions VIIb–k and VIIIa,b,d (Southern Celtic Seas, Bay of Biscay)Lophius piscatoriusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167806
anp-8c9a White anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius) in Divisions VIIIc and IXa (Cantabrian Sea, Atlanic Iberian Waters)Lophius piscatoriusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167597
arg-icel Greater silver smelt (Argentina silus) in Subarea XIV and Division Va (East Grrenland, Iceland Grounds)Argentina silusWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167474
bli-5a14 Blue ling (Molva dypterygia) in Subarea XIV and Division Va (East Greenland, Iceland grounds)Molva dypterygiaWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167497
bli-5b67 Blue ling (Molva dypterygia) in Subareas VI-VII and Division Vb (Celtic Seas, English Channel and Faroes Grounds)Molva dypterygiaWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167626
bll-2232 Brill (Scophthalmus rhombus) in Subdivisions 22–32 (Baltic Sea)Scophthalmus rhombusBaltic Sea20167306
Bss-47 Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in Divisions IVb and c, VIIa, and VIId–h (Central and South North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, Bristol Channel, Celtic Sea)Dicentrarchus labraxCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167748
cap-icel Capelin (Mallotus villosus) in Subareas V and XIV and Division IIa west of 5°W (Iceland and Faroes Grounds, East Greenland, Jan Mayen area)Mallotus villosusIceland and East Greenland20167593
cod-2224 Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subdivisions 22–24 (Western Baltic Sea)Gadus morhuaBaltic Sea20167341
cod-2532 Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subdivisions 25–32 (Eastern Baltic Sea)Gadus morhuaBaltic Sea20167698
cod-347d Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subarea IV and Divisions VIId and IIIa West (North Sea, Eastern English Channel, Skagerrak)Gadus morhuaNorth Sea20167470
cod-7e-k Cod (Gadus morhua) in Divisions VIIe–k (Western English Channel and Southern Celtic Seas)Gadus morhuaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167638
cod-arct Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subareas I and II (Northeast Arctic)Gadus morhuaBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167648
cod-coas Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subareas I and II (Norwegian coastal waters cod)Gadus morhuaBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167896
cod-farb Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subdivision Vb2 (Faroe Bank)Gadus morhuaFaroe Plateau Ecosystem20167863
cod-farp Cod (Gadus morhua) in Subdivision Vb1 (Faroe Plateau)Gadus morhuaFaroe Plateau Ecosystem20167443
cod-iceg Cod (Gadus morhua) in Division Va (Iceland grounds)Gadus morhuaIceland and East Greenland20167856
cod-ingr Cod (Gadus morhua) in NAFO Subarea 1, inshore (Inshore west Greenland cod)Gadus morhuaIceland and East Greenland20167854
cod-iris Cod (Gadus morhua) in Division VIIa (Irish Sea)Gadus morhuaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167562
cod-kat Cod (Gadus morhua) in Division IIIa East (Kattegat)Gadus morhuaNorth Sea20167739
cod-scow Cod (Gadus morhua) in Division VIa (West of Scotland)Gadus morhuaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167558
dab-2232 Dab in Subdivisions 22 - 32 (Baltic Sea)Limanda limandaBaltic Sea20167567
fle-2223 Flounder in Subdivisions 22 and 23 (Belts and Sound)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167569
fle-2425 Flounder in Subdivisions 24 - 25 (Southern Baltic Sea)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167263
fle-2628 Flounder in Subdivisions 26 and 28 (Eastern Gotland and Gulf of Gdansk)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167574
fle-2732 Flounder in Subdivisions 27 and 29 to 32 (Northern Baltic Sea)Platichthys flesusBaltic Sea20167291
gfb-comb Greater forkbeard (Phycis blennoides) in the Northeast AtlanticPhycis blennoidesWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167374
ghl-grn Greenland halibut in Subareas V, VI, XII and XIVReinhardtius hippoglossoidesIceland and East Greenland20167688
gug-347d Grey gurnard in Subarea IV (North Sea) and Divisions VIId (Eastern Channel) and IIIa (Skagerrak - Kattegat)Eutrigla gurnardusNorth Sea20167859
had-7b-k Haddock in Divisions VIIb,c,e-kMelanogrammus aeglefinusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167541
had-arct Haddock in Subareas I and II (Northeast Arctic)Melanogrammus aeglefinusBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167360
had-faro Haddock in Division VbMelanogrammus aeglefinusFaroe Plateau Ecosystem20167663
had-iceg Haddock in Division Va (Icelandic haddock)Melanogrammus aeglefinusIceland and East Greenland20167736
had-iris Haddock in Division VIIa (Irish Sea)Melanogrammus aeglefinusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167524
had-rock Haddock in Division VIb (Rockall)Melanogrammus aeglefinusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167561
her-2532-gor Herring in Subdivisions 25 - 29 (excluding Gulf of Riga) and 32 Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167325
her-30 Herring in Subdivision 30 (Bothnian Sea)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167342
Her-31 Herring in Subdivision 31 (Bothnian Bay)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167314
her-3a22 Herring in Division IIIa and Subdivisions 22 - 24 (Western Baltic spring spawners)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167116
her-47d3 Herring in Subarea IV and Divisions IIIa and VIId (North Sea autumn spawners) Clupea harengusNorth Sea20167689
her-67bc Herring (Clupea harengus) in Divisions VIa and VIIb,c (West of Scotland, West of Ireland)Clupea harengusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167133
her-irls Herring in Division VIIa South of 52° 30’ N and VIIg,h,j,k (Celtic Sea and South of Ireland)Clupea harengusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167783
her-nirs Herring in Division VIIa North of 52° 30’ N (Irish Sea)Clupea harengusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167194
her-riga Herring in Subdivision 28.1 (Gulf of Riga)Clupea harengusBaltic Sea20167318
hke-nrtn Hake in Division IIIa, Subareas IV, VI and VII and Divisions VIIIa,b,d (Northern stock)Merluccius merlucciusWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167732
hke-soth Hake in Division VIIIc and IXa (Southern stock)Merluccius merlucciusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167604
hom-soth Horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) in Division IXa (Southern stock)Trachurus trachurusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167874
jaa-10 Blue jack mackerel (Trachurus picturatus) in Subdivision Xa2 (Azores)Trachurus picturatusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167877
lin-icel Ling (Molva molva) in Division VaMolva molvaIceland and East Greenland20167396
lin-icel Ling (Molva molva) in Division VaMolva molvaWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167396
mgb-8c9a Four-spot megrim (Lepidorhombus boscii) in Divisions VIIIc and IXaLepidorhombus bosciiBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167581
mgw-78 Megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis) in Divisions VIIb-k and VIIIa,b,dLepidorhombus whiffiagonisCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167622
mgw-8c9a Megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis) in Divisions VIIIc and IXaLepidorhombus whiffiagonisBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167590
nep-10 Nephrops in Division IVa (Noup, FU 10)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167741
nep-25 Nephrops in North Galicia (FU 25)Nephrops norvegicusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167598
nep-2627 Nephrops in West Galicia and North Portugal (FU 26-27)Nephrops norvegicusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167602
nep-2829 Nephrops in South-West and South Portugal (FU 28-29)Nephrops norvegicusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167588
nep-30 Nephrops in Gulf of Cadiz (FU 30)Nephrops norvegicusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167600
nep-31 Nephrops in the Cantabrian Sea (FU 31)Nephrops norvegicusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167864
Nep-32 Nephrops in Division IVa (Norwegian Deeps, FU 32)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167435
nep-33 Nephrops in Division IVb (Off Horn Reef, FU 33)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167695
nep-34 Nephrops in Division IVb (Devil's Hole, FU 34)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167690
nep-3-4 Nephrops in Division IIIa (Skagerak Kattegat, FU 3,4)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167743
nep-5 Nephrops in Division IVbc (Botney Cut - Silver Pit, FU 5)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167627
nep-6 Nephrops in Division IVb (Farn Deeps, FU 6)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167438
nep-7 Nephrops in Division IVa (Fladen Ground, FU 7)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167453
nep-8 Nephrops in Division IVb (Firth of Forth, FU 8)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167459
nep-9 Nephrops in Division IVa (Moray Firth, FU 9)Nephrops norvegicusNorth Sea20167455
ory-comb Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus) in the Northeast AtlanticHoplostethus atlanticusWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167628
ple-2123 Plaice in Subdivisions 21, 22, and 23 (Kattegat, Belts, and Sound)Pleuronectes platessaBaltic Sea20167337
ple-celt Plaice in Divisions VIIf,g (Celtic Sea)Pleuronectes platessaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167527
ple-eche Plaice in Division VIId (Eastern Channel)Pleuronectes platessaNorth Sea20167729
ple-echw Plaice in Division VIIe (Western Channel)Pleuronectes platessaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167866
ple-iris Plaice in Division VIIa (Irish Sea)Pleuronectes platessaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167519
ple-nsea Plaice Subarea IV (North Sea)Pleuronectes platessaNorth Sea20167445
pol-89a Pollack in Subarea VIII and Division IXaPollachius pollachiusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167879
pol-nsea Pollack in Subarea IV and Division IIIaPollachius pollachiusNorth Sea20167400
rng-5b67 Roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) in Subareas VI and VII, and Divisons Vb and XIIbCoryphaenoides rupestrisWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167388
rng-kask Roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) in Division IIIa Coryphaenoides rupestrisWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167361
sai-3a46 Saithe in Subarea IV (North Sea) Division IIIa West (Skagerrak) and Subarea VI (West of Scotland and Rockall)Pollachius virensNorth Sea20167710
sai-arct Saithe in Subareas I and II (Northeast Arctic)Pollachius virensBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167353
sai-faro Saithe in Division Vb (Faroe Saithe)Pollachius virensFaroe Plateau Ecosystem20167402
sai-icel Saithe in Division Va (Icelandic saithe)Pollachius virensIceland and East Greenland20167723
san-ns1 Sandeel in the Dogger Bank area (SA 1)AmmodytesNorth Sea20167029
san-ns2 Sandeel in the South Eastern North Sea (SA 2)AmmodytesNorth Sea20167030
san-ns3 Sandeel in the Central Eastern North Sea (SA 3)AmmodytesNorth Sea20167039
sar-soth Sardine in Divisions VIIIc and IXaSardina pilchardusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167857
sbr-678 Red (=blackspot) seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) in Subareas VI, VII and VIIIPagellus bogaraveoWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167636
sbr-ix Red (=blackspot) seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) in Subarea IXPagellus bogaraveoWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167691
sbr-x Red (=blackspot) seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) in Subarea X (Azores region)Pagellus bogaraveoWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167693
smn-con Beaked Redfish (Sebastes mentella) in Division Va and Subarea XIV (Icelandic Slope stock) Sebastes mentellaIceland and East Greenland20167668
smn-grl Beaked Redfish (Sebastes mentella) in Subarea XIVb (Demersal)Sebastes mentellaIceland and East Greenland20167670
smn-sp Beaked Redfish (Sebastes mentella) in Subareas V, XII, XIV and NAFO Subareas 1+2 (Shallow Pelagic stock < 500 m deep)Sebastes mentellaIceland and East Greenland20167861
smr-5614 Golden Redfish (Sebastes norvegicus) in Subareas V, VI, XII and XIVSebastes norvegicusIceland and East Greenland20167654
smr-arct Golden Redfish (Sebastes norvegicus) in Subareas I and IISebastes norvegicusBarents Sea and Norwegian Sea20167368
sol-7h-k Sole in Divisions VIIh-k (Southwest of Ireland)Solea soleaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167572
sol-bisc Sole in Divisions VIIIa,b (Bay of Biscay)Solea soleaBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167773
sol-celt Sole in Divisions VIIf, g (Celtic Sea)Solea soleaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167758
sol-eche Sole in Division VIId (Eastern Channel)Solea soleaNorth Sea20167730
sol-echw Sole in Division VIIe (Western Channel)Solea soleaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167505
sol-iris Sole in Division VIIa (Irish Sea)Solea soleaCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167867
sol-kask Sole in Division IIIa and Subdivisions 22-24 (Skagerrak, Kattegat, and the Belts)Solea soleaNorth Sea20167740
sol-nsea Sole in Subarea IV (North Sea)Solea soleaNorth Sea20167722
spr-2232 Sprat in Subdivisions 22 - 32 (Baltic Sea)Sprattus sprattusBaltic Sea20167329
spr-ech Sprat in Divisions VIId,eSprattus sprattusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167781
spr-kask Sprat in Division IIIa (Skagerrak - Kattegat)Sprattus sprattusNorth Sea20167198
spr-nsea Sprat in Subarea IV (North Sea)Sprattus sprattusNorth Sea20167181
tur-2232 Turbot in Subdivisions 22 - 32 (Baltic Sea)Psetta maxima (historic name)Baltic Sea20167277
usk-icel Tusk in Division Va and Subarea XIVBrosme brosmeIceland and East Greenland20167363
usk-rock Tusk in Division VIb (Rockall )Brosme brosmeWidely distributed and migratory stocks20167694
whg-47d Whiting Subarea IV (North Sea) and Division VIId (Eastern Channel)Merlangius merlangusNorth Sea20167483
whg-7e-k Whiting in ICES Division VIIb, c, e-kMerlangius merlangusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167554
whg-89a Whiting in Subarea VIII and Division IXaMerlangius merlangusBay of Biscay and Iberian Sea20167881
whg-scow Whiting in Division VIa (West of Scotland)Merlangius merlangusCeltic Sea and West of Scotland20167552